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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pickup before the team arrives?

Our housekeepers will do general straightening. To get the most from your housecleaning, pick up excess clutter before the housekeepers arrive.

How do the house cleaners gain access to my home?

Most of our clients provide us with a garage code or key. The keys are coded and your personal information is not on the key. Another option is for you to let in the cleaning team.

What if I forgot the housekeepers were coming?

We give you a reminder call the day before your clean. If you are gone but we have a code or key to your home, this shouldn't be a problem. If you do not provide a key or other method of entry and the housekeepers arrive and are unable to access your home, you will be invoiced $45.

How do I pay for my housecleaning?

We ask that payment be made the day of the housecleaning unless you have made specific arrangements with our office. Payment can be made by check, credit card or cash. Please leave the payment on the kitchen counter along with any notes you might have for the housekeepers.

What if a house cleaner breaks an item in my home?

All of our team members are careful with your possessions, but we do know that accidents can happen. If any damage does occur, our teams are instructed to call the office and leave you a note explaining what happened. The office will then call you to work out replacement or payment as needed.

Are there any restrictions for the house cleaner?

Yes. Safety of our house cleaners is of the utmost importance and so we do not allow them to go higher than a 2 step ladder which we provide. Anything higher will be dusted with an extension duster. Also team members are not permitted to move heavy furniture.

How can I give the house cleaners new instructions?

It's easy! All our teams are required to read, write and speak English. When you have new or extra instructions, you can leave a note on the kitchen counter, or you can call the office and we will be sure to get the changes to your housekeepers. If it's instructions you want followed for every clean, it's best to call the office and we will include the information in your files.

What if I need to change my cleaning day this week?

We ask you to give us at least 24 hours notice before your cleaning. This will allow us time to assign your team to another appointment.

We have pets, what happens during my housecleaning?

We want you and your pets to be happy with the housecleaning! Please leave instructions with the office as to how you wish your pets to be handled. If you have a pet that is questionable around non-family members, we ask that the pet be in a kennel, outside, or in a room that is not to be cleaned.